Japan’s Economy & Trade (A Video Interview with Watanabe Yorizumi)

Memo #280

Featuring Watanabe Yorizumi

Last month the Asia Pacific Memo sat down with Watanabe Yorizumi, since 2005 a member of the Faculty of Policy Management at the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University. Professor Watanabe came to his academic career with a distinguished diplomatic background, having served several appointments in Japan’s foreign service, where he specialized in international trade policy. His diplomatic career saw significant engagement in all the major bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations Japan has been involved in over the past two decades.

In our conversation, Professor Watanabe touches upon several of the most salient issues facing the Japanese economy and trade today, including the prospects and potential impact of ongoing WTO trade negotiations on the Japanese economy, Japan’s economic engagement with Asia, the potential of a nascent ASEAN common market, and the impact Abenomics is having on Japan’s trade. Finally, he discusses Japan-Canada trade relations and the prospects of an expanded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Japan’s Economy & Trade: A Conversation with Watanabe Yorizumi (4:21)


Professor Watanabe was interviewed by Dr. Julian Dierkes of the Institute for Asian Research, UBC, with questions contributed by Francesco Duina of the Department of Sociology, UBC.

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