Heritage-Making in Singapore

March 22, 2017 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo #397 By: Kelvin E.Y. Low – kelvinlow [at] In 2008, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore announced that its conservation program would extend beyond buildings to include other landmarks and structures such as […]

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Tourism Businesses in Asia must be Socially Responsible

September 25, 2012 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo # 176 – The World Tourism Organization predicts there will be 1.8 billion tourism arrivals around the world in 2030. Arrivals to Asia and the Pacific is expected to reach 535 million by 2030. This robust prediction indicates growth of tourism businesses, ultimately exerting greater pressure on local environments through resource consumption or pollution. To be sustainable, the region’s tourism businesses should accept wider responsibility of their surrounding environment and not simply exist for profit. […]