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Water Conservation on the Tibetan Plateau

October 25, 2011 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo #112 – China’s most pressing water issues may not be its maritime claims in the South China Sea but matters of freshwater security. For many analysts, China’s domestic and international water security begins and ends with waters of the Tibetan Plateau. And the picture they paint is, to say the least, bleak. Unfortunately this ignores many grassroots and local water conservation efforts in western China. […]

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Susan Ritchie speaks about the Canada-DPRK news service (CanKor), humanitarian aid, and the future of North Korea

August 5, 2010 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo #9 – Susan Ritchie is the Founder of First Steps, a Christian humanitarian NGO addressing childhood malnutrition in North Korea. In this interview, she speaks about the usefulness of the newly launched CanKor blog for humanitarian work. She also discusses how CanKor is an important Canadian source for comprehensive analysis of the DPRK. The Canadian government’s approach to North Korea will only improve with a better understanding of the concerns of Korean Canadians. Overall, she is optimistic about North Korea’s future. […]