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Dealing with the Resource Curse in Myanmar: UN Global Compact and Institutional Capacity

Memo #276 By  Yves Tiberghien – yves.tiberghien [at] ubc.ca Since it began its gradual opening and domestic process of change, Myanmar has become a great target of opportunity for a myriad of foreign players, especially global investors interested in its … Continue reading

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China’s Environmental Education: A Mandate Unfulfilled

Memo #245 By Rob Efird – efirdr [at] seattleu.edu China’s environmental impacts are front-page news. We have all seen the pictures of smog-choked cities and fouled waterways, and many of us know that China is the single largest source of the carbon emissions … Continue reading

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The “Exotic” Minority in Western China: Why Domestic Ethnic Tourism in China May be Doing More Harm than Good

Pacific Prospective features the research of graduate students. Memo #241 By Brianna Botchwey – blsb2 [at] cam.ac.uk In western China, domestic tourism is on the rise and ethnic tourism is a central but troubling part of this industry. While tourism may provide … Continue reading

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The Asian Century (Video Interview with Masahiro Kawai)

Dr. Masahiro Kawai, Dean of the Asian Development Bank Institute, discusses the importance of peace, security, and stability in achieving an ‘Asian Century’. Continue reading

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Two Challenges for the Mumbai Eastern Freeway: Congestion and Equity

Mumbai’s new Eastern Freeway (MEF) was opened to the public on June 13. The 13.59 km publicly funded MEF is meant to ease congestion between outlying suburbs and downtown Mumbai. Continue reading

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Mongolia: Gauging Inner Asian Tensions over Railways

Broad gauge or standard gauge railway? This domestic Mongolian debate reflects Inner Asian ambivalence toward economic opportunities through engagement with China, as well as broader geopolitical and economic competition between Russia and China. After he was fired from the post of Director of the Mongolian Railway on January 10, former Prime Minister M. Enkhsaikhan criticized the government’s plan to extend the domestic broad (Russian) gauge railroad network. Instead, he argued for a 267 km standard (Chinese) gauge railroad from Tavan Tolgoi, a coal mining deposit, to Gashuun Sukhait, a Sino-Mongolian border post. With this argument Mr. Enkhsaikhan triggered another round of the debate over narrow vs. broad gauge. Continue reading

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Why Technology Needs People: Gold, Phones, and Bicycles

Memo # 177 – “We treated our precinct captains like gold,” wrote David Plouffe, an architect of President Obama’s 2008 US election campaign. “The challenge” lay in “marrying digital technology and strategy with a strong grassroots campaign.”

Plouffe’s insights had been anticipated a year earlier in an election in Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, where a party led by a Dalit (former untouchable) woman won unexpectedly. And the story about the centrality of technology and people came full circle early in 2012 when Uttar Pradesh voted to throw out the incumbent government. Continue reading

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China Crucial to India’s Mobile Revolution

Memo #172 – India entered the elite global club of $1 trillion-plus (USD) economies in the last decade accompanied by explosive growth in domestic mobile phone users. India had the second largest population of mobile phone users as of 2010, an astounding leap from their modest rank of 34th ten years earlier. Continue reading

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Managing South Asia’s Himalayan Rivers: A Human Development Framework

Memo #164 – What would an ideal regulatory system to manage an international river look like? Some have called for an innovatively designed regulatory authority for international rivers, such as the Ganga-Brahmaputra river system in the Himalayan region. Existing models are not compatible with the geopolitical conditions in South Asia. Rather than furthering traditional nationalist approaches, the new design must take into account the people living in the region. Continue reading

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Community Natural Resource Management in India: Does it Reduce Poverty?

Memo #156 – A series of new programs in India for community natural resource management (CNRM) is decentralizing control over local resources of water, forests, and inland fishing from government departments to end-users such as farmers, forest dwellers, and fishers.
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