Judo in Japanese Schools – Concerns about Safety

Memo #191 – Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe oversaw the revision of the 1947 Fundamental Law of Education to emphasise traditional “Japanese values” in 2006. As one direct result of this, traditional martial arts became compulsory in junior high schools in April 2012. Unlike the initial opposition to the new law, opposition to this particular aspect has not been led by teachers’ unions and their political allies, but by parents concerned about the health and safety of their children. Continue reading

Getting Global China Right – Public Fears and Conservative Policy

Memo #99 – The world is being reshaped by China’s rise, its central role in regional production networks and global value chains, its deepening influence in international institutions, and the persistence of its particular form of authoritarian capitalism. Decisions of Chinese officials, business leaders, citizens, and consumers have impact globally in a messy, multi-centric world order. Continue reading