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Exporting “Tough on Crime” Policy to Thailand: Harper’s Recent Visit

April 12, 2012 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo #148 – Human smuggling and terrorism – not trade – played centre stage in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Thailand in March. Although the Thai government was eager to solicit more interest in trade during a visit that marked the 50th anniversary of Canada-Thailand relations, it was left with $7 million (CDN) for an anti-crime program and an “exploratory” talk on free trade. […]

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AMRO – Fleshing out Regional Monetary Cooperation in East Asia

June 21, 2011 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo #90 – On May 4, 2011, representatives of the ASEAN +3 group took another critical step forward in realizing the goal of a full-fledged regional financial entity. These developments have special importance given the leadership vacuum at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the intransigence of the European Union and the United States in further democratizing the process for leadership selection at the IMF. […]

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