• Singapore

    Heritage-Making in Singapore

    Memo #397 By: Kelvin E.Y. Low – kelvinlow [at] nus.edu.sg In 2008, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore announced that its conservation program would extend beyond buildings to include other landmarks and structures such as [...]
  • China

    A New Era for Chinese Cartoons (Manhua)?

    Memo #396 By: Nick Stember – nick.stember [at] gmail.com Chinese manhua (literally, ‘casual pictures’) remain virtually unknown in Europe and North America, trailing Japanese manga in popularity even within mainland China. Though China has a long [...]
  • Update

    Important Notice Concerning Future of APM

    Important Notice It is with great regret that we announce discontinuation of the Asia Pacific Memo (APM) effective April 28, 2017. Operations from our current home base at the Institute of Asian Research at the [...]
  • Asia

    The Politics of Pacific Ocean Conservation

    Memo #395 By: Justin Alger – alger.justinw [at] gmail.com and Peter Dauvergne – peterdau [at] mail.ubc.ca    Since 2006, states have established 18 large marine protected areas (MPAs) exceeding 200,000km2, most of which are located throughout the Pacific. This development [...]

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