• Hong Kong

    After the LegCo Oath Controversy, What’s Next for Hong Kong?

    Memo #389 By: Justin Kwan – justin.kwan [at] alumni.ubc.ca Escalating tensions raise further concern about Hong Kong’s democracy Hong Kong’s democratic system has been dealt a severe blow after two democratically elected lawmakers who advocated independence from [...]
  • Malaysia

    China’s ambitions welcomed in Kuala Lumpur?

    Memo #388 By: Phuong Nguyen – h0aiphuong.14 [at] gmail.com and Kai Ostwald – kai.ostwald [at] ubc.ca In the shadows of the headline-grabbing October announcement that the Philippines would forge closer ties with China and “separate” from its long-time ally [...]
  • Indonesia

    A Tough Choice: the Criminalization of Indonesian Fishermen

    Memo #387 By: Antje Missbach – antje.missbach [at] monash.edu The tough choice between illegal fishing and transporting asylum seekers Many Indonesian fishermen have suffered the consequences of breaking Australian law in recent years as they have tried to [...]

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