China in Global Governance (Video Interview with Professor Gerald Chan)

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Featuring Gerald Chan – gerald.chan [at]

Professor Chan, of the University of Auckland, discusses his research on China in global governance.

He describes Chinese involvement in world affairs as a new phenomenon, which began with Chinese reforms in the 1980s. This period saw increased interaction between China and other states, and between China and international organizations.

China, in this sense, was brought into the existing global system, and remains concerned over how that system will impact its interests.

However, despite being a new player in global governance, China has been able to introduce change and make modifications.

Other states need not be worried about China’s rise; there is no China threat. As China emerges it has many domestic issues to contend with. These place China at a critical juncture, both with regards to its integration into the international system and its domestic governance.

China in Global Governance (5:55 mins)

Gerald Chan is a professor in the Department of Political Studies at The University of Auckland where he researches Chinese International Relations.

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