East Timor

The British and Occupied East Timor: Support for Indonesia Behind a Façade of Neutrality

February 26, 2013 Asia Pacific Memo 0

As late as 1996, a British National Audit Office Report corroborated the government version of Britain as an honest broker in East Timor’s struggle for self-determination under Indonesian occupation, which followed the end of Portuguese colonial rule in 1974 and Indonesia’s invasion of the territory in 1975. But recently released archival evidence refutes the claim that Britain was negotiating a diplomatic solution between Indonesia, Portugal, and East Timor. […]

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No Picture

Japan’s Culture Industries: Cool or Cruel?

May 1, 2012 Asia Pacific Memo 0

Memo #152 – The world loves sushi, J-pop, and manga. Now the Japanese government is in on the act. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has a Cool Japan / Creative Industries Policy, and in January 2012 launched Cool Japan Daily, a blog introducing Japanese pop culture. Behind all this are ambitious plans to increase Japan’s share of the global market for culture industries. It tends to be uncritically assumed that pop culture will enhance the Japanese national image, too. The current popularity of music groups such as AKB48 outside Japan indicates the potentially lucrative and beneficial aspects of pop culture promotionalism. But evidence from some international media suggests the need for caution. […]

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