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Resolving the Senkaku/Diaoyu Island Dispute: The Limitations of International Law

Pacific Prospective features the research of graduate students. Memo #272 By  Keshav Kelkar – keshav.kelkar [at] Among the many issues causing friction in Sino-Japanese relations, none has as great a potential for generating armed conflict as the dispute over the … Continue reading

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Local Voices in Water Resources Management: A Case Study in Negotiated Approach from Bangladesh

Memo #265 By Mustafa Alam – mstfalam [at] A case study from Bangladesh highlights the success of a negotiated approach to water resources management, wherein the participation of the local populace in the planning and decision-making process is ensured, … Continue reading

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NYU Shanghai and the Future of International Higher Education in China

Memo #261 By Joel Heng Hartse – joelhartse [at] New York University Shanghai recently completed its first semester of operations. Though NYU Shanghai was recently touted by National Public Radio as the first Sino-U.S. joint university, there are in fact hundreds of … Continue reading

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China in Global Governance (Video Interview with Professor Gerald Chan)

Memo #230 Featuring Gerald Chan – gerald.chan [at] Professor Chan, of the University of Auckland, discusses his research on China in global governance. He describes Chinese involvement in world affairs as a new phenomenon, which began with Chinese reforms … Continue reading

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Public Outreach Grant

Memo #166 – We are thrilled to announce that Asia Pacific Memo (APM) has been awarded a grant that will allow it to develop visualizations and expand its audience in a targeted manner. Continue reading

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